Why I'm Running

The idea to run for Mayor came to me as my 24-year-old son was laying in a hospital bed recovering from surgery, he was a victim of gun violence in Springfield. I was rubbing his head to comfort him when I said, "We are leaving baby, we are out of here" and he woke up, looked at me and replied, "Mom we can't leave, you have fought too hard." I knew then, he was right.

I am running for Mayor for my son, and victims like him, and because Springfield deserves a mayor who reflects its majority population, which is 65% people of color. There has only been one woman and never a Mayor of color, nor an openly LGBTQ+ mayor in Springfield’s 167-year history. I want to be a Mayor who can bring people together to solve problems and not a career politician who divides us.

I am a small business owner, mother and community organizer. I know what it’s like to balance a budget, raise a family, meet deadlines and bring our communities together.

I want to bring my experiences to City Hall and fight for quality schools, safe streets and good paying jobs. If you want to be a part of changing the system so it works for Springfield families then vote for me, Yolanda Cancel, on November 5th!

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